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Influence Of Freud On Government And Education

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Did you notice how Eric Holder mentioned cigarettes which was talked about in the first video? There is a big debate happening in the United States today. This debate is not so much a discussion of conspiracies as it is a difference in ideology, and need not divide us.

The Teachings Of Gandhi, Plato And the Founding Fathers:
The Founding Fathers (and those who support the Constitution) believed man to be much more than his animal instincts because his Creator made him so. Thus education that teaches truth, individuality, and analytical thinking were essential.

Our Founders considered an understanding of the Constitution and its history necessary for the preservation of our freedoms. We have been educated to believe that the Supreme Court is the “Keeper of the Constitution”. However Supreme Court Justice Story warned, “our cherished freedoms and Constitutional government might perish in an hour, by the folly, or corruption, or negligence of its only keepers, THE PEOPLE. if the people did not trouble to learn the history, purpose, and meaning of their own Constitution.”

History showed that when any organization became too powerful (Religions in the Crusades, war lords in the Dark Ages, Hitler, Stalin, ext), they became suppressive and tyrannical. Thus the Founding Fathers sought to limit government while leaving individuals free to create unless they committed a crime (harmed another). They, like Gandhi and Plato, believed that solutions come from the people, not the government.

Plato once told his colleagues that wisdom comes from within, and it is up to the educator to bring it forth from his students. His fellow colleagues disagreed adamantly. They felt children aren't born knowing, and must have wisdom imparted to them. Plato then had a five year old child brought to him. To demonstrate his point, he told the boy nothing...he simply asked him a serious of questions until the boy solved a very complicated algebra problem.

Freud And Bernays Taught:
The students of Freud and Bernays believe that people are basically driven by animal instincts...dumb. These four basic instincts are aggression, fear, self preservation and sex. Thus they believe the Constitution is wrong because government must manipulate (Propaganda ) and control people "for their own good".

Education, in this way of thinking, should not teach individuality and analytical thinking, but should teach one how to be a worker bee (what to think...not how to think). An understanding of the Constitution is also not advocated. Thus large class sizes and multiple choice testing makes more sense to this philosophical mentality than it does to those parents wanting their children to think as an individual "outside of the group box".

In China, workers live, eat and sleep above their place of work. They also have a very high suicide rate because some find themselves unable to conform. As a tutor I often see the stress some students experience as a result of large class sizes, and suppression of their natural individuality. But, in China, where the group is more important than the individual that is not a major concern as it might be to some here in the U.S.. For parents who want their child to be socialized, there should be that choice, but for parents who want their child taught individuality, and to think outside of the box, there should be that choice as well. :-)

It is interesting to note that today the biggest influx into the home school venue are teachers, "and one of the reasons" they give is: Class sizes have become so large that kids are taught to act like robots rather than individuals. Teachers find themselves having to teach as if a one size fits all...they are less able to individualize their curriculum.

How much has Freud and Bernays influenced American Education?

The definition for socialization: 1. a continuing process whereby an individual acquires a personal identity and learns the norms, values, behavior, and social skills appropriate to his or her social position. 2. the act or process of making socialistic (socialism): the socialization of industry.

I often talk with friends who are opposed to the Constitution. They are often the most educated in our population, and sincerely believe that a "One World Government" is the only way to obtain "world Peace", solve world hunger, and environmental issues. They strongly support U.N. treaties.
In Early American History we were a very individualistic society, and differences in politics and religion were openly talked about. Americans valued the individual (to damage one link in the chain was to damage the whole). However many other societies valued the group above the individual (sacrificing the individual for "the greater good"/Kamikaze ).

Robert Hillmann, in his article Reinventing Government: Fast Bullets And Culture Changes, explains that one of the progressive's goals is to divide Americans. They work to replace that American individualism and analytical thinking with a group mentality in which people identify with particular groups (Republican verses Democrat verses Libertarians, Conservatives verses Liberals, black verses white, one religion verses another, ext). Many Americans have now become so divided that they will not even talk to anyone who might disagree with them on religion or the point of ostracizing and punishing such individualism.
Much of this is a bit hard to comprehend, until one reads The Ten Planks of the Communist Manifesto

There is truth in what Gandhi, the Founding Fathers, and Plato saw, and there is truth in what Freud and Bernays say. Man does have both sides. The problem with the progressive ideology is that the oligarchy themselves are people, and the animal instincts come out sometimes in them as well. So who are these so called "smarter people" who should rule the masses? The Heritage Foundation has an amazing article that explains who they are: How The Progressive Movement Transformed American Politics..

The Founding Fathers knew that man had a dark side as well as "a Divine connection to his creator". That is why they created the judicial system, which has now become too powerful. You see the Constitution was the great unifier, and it was designed to control the government leaving the people free unless they did harm to others (committed a crime)

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